It’s going to be okay / Matt Boyce


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About the book…

Boyce, a long-time friend of Dog-Ear, is a master craftsman. At first glance, his comics might appear simplistic, even childish – but through their stripped-back style they courageously convey complex emotions. What you’re witnessing isn’t rough – it’s raw, real. Boyce dares to draw about things others shy away from: isolation, anxiety, powerlessness, stress.

But at the same time the work is touching and playful – charming little characters push through borders to potter around the panels, and very often there are beautifully timed moments of kindness and union, small reminders to stay calm or smile.

Equal parts moving, mindful, and magic, this comic, in Matt’s own words, is “a bit nicer! Mostly hugs and positive things!”

“The greatest strength of Matt Boyce is his instinctive ability for conveying complex emotional states with the most economical visual clarity… His peculiarly expressive near-stick figures… remind us of the uniquely empathetic qualities of comics as a method of communication.”

Andy Oliver, Editor in Chief, Broken Frontier

16 pages; black and white; A5 booklet; printed on heavy weight card stock.


About the author…

Matt Boyce is a Cartoonist, Illustrator and Teacher based in London. His work has been featured in publications such as ImagineFX, Sleazenation, ThreeForFree, Accent Uk and numerous fanzines, anthologies and mini comics (including Dog-Ear). He teaches Comic Drawing, Graphic Novels and storyboarding, and has worked with the South bank Centre, Sarjakuvakeskus (Helsinki Comics Centre), and City Lit to deliver workshops in Comics and Animation for Children, Adults and Deaf People. Contact him for work, commissions or just to say hello!


About the press…

This one is printed by us, yours truly, none other than Dog-Ear itself.



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