Don’t ask us, ask them

“A bookmark, crammed with tiny poems, witticisms, illustrations and general literary ephemera, written perhaps by the very people who pick them up. Why has no one thought of it before?”

Tom Banks, Design Week

“In today’s art world just about anything can become a platform for curated work – but come on, would you have ever thought to turn a bookmark into a magazine? This micro-mag folds out into a readable page and folds up into a nifty bookmark. It’s a brilliantly innovative format.”

Charlotte Simmonds, It’s Nice That

“A very clever idea, this… cunningly hidden between the pages of books to perk up surprised readers… The content must fit the unusual dimensions of the magazine. Rather than being a restriction, it seems to inspire imaginative uses of space, containing drawings akin to comic book panels, and flash fiction… Reminds me of “reverse shoplifting”, where people plant copies of their books in shops or libraries – subversive D.I.Y distribution. Using any means to spread the word.”

The Bookleteer.com

“A brilliant magazine that thinks it’s a bookmark. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to send it out.”

Steve Watson, Stack Magazine

“A winning find. A wonderful balance between the worlds of www. and print… definitely a website to bookmark and a magazine to look out for.”

Cody Lee Barbour, Print Isn’t Dead (People of Print)

“Dog-Ear is a magazine. But it’s also a bookmark. And it’s awesome.”


Our wonderful partners

Stack: Finding quality independent magazines can be difficult – most people don’t live near a great magazine shop, and there are so many options online that it’s easy to get lost amongst the pixels. Steve Watson’s Stack service is the elegant answer: he and his team hand-select the best independent magazines and deliver them direct to your door. For less than £6 a month, the subscription service can save you more than 40% off normal cover prices – while his weekly Sampler offers make it even easier to discover fantastic magazines. Simply put, Stack is sensational for anyone looking for something great to read. You’d be insane not to sign up now.

Pressision: A creative print and finishing press, acknowledged for their expertise in harnessing all that is wonderful about the art: past, present and future. Their work is a celebration of heritage, craft, technology, innovation, passion and desire for quality – and all that inspires the way they approach every single job, from the simple to the stratospheric. Without their help, Dog-Ear simply would not exist in printed form – they provide ultimate quality at a very competitive price. Be sure to have a gander around their site, where you can find out about their full-service capabilities.

Hotel: A magnificent magazine – both online and in print – dedicated to new approaches to fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Founded on the idea that a hotel is defined by its inhabitants, collaborators are typically offered total freedom to present work as they see fit: there is no heavy-handed remit of editorial mandate or curatorial consensus. This philosophy extends to the magazine’s editorial body and design, meaning it avoids falling into the local traps of taste and zeitgeist. We love what they are doing – it’s daring, it’s different, it’s diligent. Have a peruse of their site, where you’ll find a full list of contributors, current distribution, and an ever-growing archive of material on the site itself.

Back to Front: A design collective based in London and Cape Town. They are a nimble team made up of individuals at the top of their field, especially chosen for the job in hand. Talented designers, photographers, developers, writers, illustrators and everything in-between. Passionate people with a love of their craft. Their simple aim is to produce creative work that is right for the people they are making it for: work that works. Members Pete, Joe and Dave are the design nerds and literary nuts who dreamt up Dog-Ear.